Smokehouse imports located at 6516 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles CA. We are located on Hollywood Blvd Near Vine ave. There are many Bong Shops in Hollywood but only the Smokehouse gives you such a large selection of Bongs anywhere in the Hollywood, West Hollywood or Los Angeles County. Our helpful and Experienced Bong Shop Team members know every type of Bong created.

What Bong Should I use?

If you are thinking about a new bong let us be real for a second. You are most likely replacing your old Bong because either it has cracked or it is dirty beyond any cleaning. That is why you should come to the Smokehouse for a huge selection of imported Bongs. Our Bongs are from around the world and we have bongs that were made in California.

There are many bong varieties to choose from including a Glass Bong, Arcylic Bong, Plastic Bong, ceramic bong or a wooden bong. The Glass bong is the most famous and has been around the longest. Plastic bongs are the cheapest type of bong and yet so effective at being a bong. Ceramic bongs come in fun and beautiful designs that can easily fit in with any furniture.

Are you First Time Bong User?

If this is your first time using a Bong then you are in luck. Our experience and knowledgeable Bong Shop team members know every type of bong created. We can help you decide on which bong will suit your needs to a tee. We can go over price, type of bong, desired use of bong, the environment in which the bong will be used and many other items and issues relating to Bong owner usage.